OptiBayHD Caddy

I ran across this great 3 page article at Tom’s Hardware. It goes into adding an SSD to an aged laptop that is still plenty healthy for most of today’s computing tasks…especially home computing tasks.

One of the biggest bottlenecks we face in our daily “computer lifing” is that of mechanical drives and their slow transfer rates. Why not add an SSD to spruce things up? Normally, adding an SSD to a laptop reduces its use-cases because we taken hard drive sizes like 320GB or 500GB and smush them down to 60-120GB. Well, we NEVER use our optical drives, so why not use that space for our original mechanical drive and make the main drive our shiny new SSD?

If I were considering updating an older laptop with an optical drive in a caddy (like most Dells I’ve seen), I’d highly consider this approach.