Great article on using Google Drive as an Office Suite

I’ve always been a huge fan of Google Docs (the entire suite is wrapped up in a nice bow called Google Drive).

Taking out the guesswork of auto saving VERY frequently and bringing in collaboration has helped me out with a number of projects. I’m fairly sure my partners can agree on that point.

For anyone living in the Google ecosystem (you use GMail), it makes all the sense in the world to use Google Drive for your most basic and even semi-advanced document creation needs.

The great thing about Google Drive is the fact that you can also store and deal with your actual Office documents if going the way of the web app won’t suffice for your said document creation needs of the moment. Simply upload your file or files to Google Drive via a browser or get the very convenient Google Drive app for your computer which adds a folder to your computer that you use like any other location on your machine.

And now for a great article on the nuts and bolts worthy of making Google Drive a great office sweet with the use I’d templates, add-ons, and scripts, read below.

How to Make Google Drive Work Like a Desktop Suite