Ditch the iPhone?

I’ve been having these thoughts as of late… ever since I got the Google Nexus 7 around Christmas time, I’ve more and more fallen in love with how Google does things with their OS. Even having gone as far as jailbreaking my iPhone 5, adding in some of the customizations that I’ve wanted: Fonts (Bytafont), more than 12 icons in a folder (Infinifolders), vertically scrolling pages (Infiniboard), tethering (MyWi), color temperature changes for time (f.lux), and a few other randoms, I’m still very intrigued by the Android OS.

A few of the things holding me back are:

  1. Pixels per inch (but it seems there are many new phones out or coming out with higher than 326ppi)
  2. Overall size of iPhone (nice and sleek) compared to some of the better Droid phones
  3. Generally speaking, iOS is still pretty tight the way things work

The new HTC One that is coming out looks pretty damn slick, if I do say so myself.